Thursday, March 30, 2006

World Silver Coins

Collecting world silver coins can be a fascinating and interesting hobby. For example, not all silver coins are round, there are some very strange shapes out there. Although round coins are considered more suitable for general use and in vending machines, many countries issue non round coins for commemorative reasons or to be different or perhaps even out of perversity

Some collectors actually collect coins that are anything but round. Here are some examples.

Many people will have seen the fan shaped sterling silver coins from Poland. These were issued to commemorate the World Exhibition Expo 2005, held in Aichi, Japan and were issued by the National Bank of Poland

Bermuda has issued a triangular coin. The Proof 1988 sterling silver 3 dollar coin is struck on a rectangular planchet. This coin is clearly representing the Bermuda triangle.
On the reverse is the ship, Deliverance, sailing towards the island.

A curious coin but not the strangest.

Perhaps the oddest silver ‘coin’ is the 10 dollar coin from the Republic of Naru. This coin was struck to celebrate the introduction of the Euro and, as you can see from the image on the left, this coin is shaped in the outline of the nations comprising the EEU (European Economic Union). It has a value placed on it of 55 dollars and there are not very many around unsurprisingly. This is a coin that one would treat with some delicacy as it would be easy to snap of the odd country or two in handling.

Yet Another unusual issue is coin issued by the Somali Republic in 2004.Shaped like a guitar and issued in silver and copper-nickel versions this curious coin commemoratives the 50th anniversary of rock and roll music and the Stratocaster guitar.

Of course these are only a few of the many non round coins available and have the fun with collecting world silver coins is seeking them out

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