Monday, March 20, 2006

2006 $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has struck a 2006 $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin to celebrate 50 Years of Australian Television

“On the evening of September 16, 1956, crowds gathered outside department stores and in homes across Australia to witness the moment TCN Channel Nine flickered to life accompanied by the famous phrase "Welcome to Television".
It has been 50 years since Bruce Gyngell uttered those words and Australian TV appeared. Television linked Australia to the world and brought us closer to amazing images like seeing man walk on the moon.”

This special $1 silver proof coin commemorates 50 Years of Australian Television and will be popular among the seasoned collectors and people of all ages new to the past time of coin collecting. The fine silver proof coin is highly collectible at $38.00 and goes extremely well with a set of all the 2006 mint mark coins bearing the same design.

The denomination is one dollar of 99.9 percent pure gold. It weights in at 11.66 grams with a diameter of 25mm. it is a proof coin with a limited mintage of 12,500. the designer was V. Gottwald

This is a truly beautiful coin and the 2006 $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin will give much pleasure to coin collectors world wide.

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