Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Australian Lunar Silver Coin

The Australian Perth mint is continuing the Australian Lunar Silver Coin series
With the issue of the silver bullion coin for the year of the Dog.

The delightful silver bullion coin of one ounce pure silver will capture the hearts of all dog lovers everywhere.

This coin is limited to a mintage of only 3800 in Australia and is legal tender by law in Australia.

The dog featured is the German Shepard and although the coin is silver the dioog is in striking color.

In addition there is a special one ounce gilded edition of the silver coin also available.
This one ounce silver coin comes with a numbered certificate and a gold colors presentation case.

There is also a two ounce pure silver coin in the same genre. Only 750 of these coins have been struck! This is an exceptionally low mintage and these coins are sure to be snapped up very quickly. Like the others this beautiful coin comes in a presentation case with certificate of authenticity.

Not just for any dog lover but all con collectors will be pleased to own any or all of these
Coins and having a The Australian Lunar Silver Coin would certainly enhance any coin enthusiasts collection.

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