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Thursday, March 16, 2006

2006 $20 Silver Coin-Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

The 2006 $20 Silver Coin-Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal celebrates Canada’s Architectural treasures starting with the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montréal.

The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is a big favorite with tourists and even postcards from the city feature the impressive alter and spectacular gilded statues that impresses visitors so much.

The building was quite innovative for its time. The architect, James O’Donnell only added to its interest by infusing its distinctly classical structure with gothic ornamentation - a move that was later repeated in other churches that were built in Quebec.

Declared a Minor Basilica by John Paul II in 1982 and witness to some of the greatest events that have marked the city of Montreal, Notre Dame Basilica stands as an architectural treasure that transcends religion and culture

The 99.99% pure 2006 $20 Silver Coin features a hologram and is impressive in it’s own right.

Any collector would be please to own the 2006 $20 Silver Coin-Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal coin.


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