Thursday, March 23, 2006

Silver Coins Wholesale

Silver coins wholesale is a great way to buy silver.

The picture on the left shows some Tibetan silver coins that were sold on eBay. The winning bid was 1 cent. And the weight of those silver coins (there were actually 5) was 98. grams.

Apart from the unique sale there are some great buys in wholesale silver to be gotten. And as the price of silver is rising again it is a good way to stock up for the future.

One method is bags of silver. Many dealers well ‘bags’ of silver coins. These are usually mixed bags of pre 1964us silver dimes with the odd eagle thrown in.

One can get lots of 500 US silver dimes, 1000 silver dimes and more. Usually they are mixed dates pre 1964 and the coins will contain about 40% silver.

Also available are silver quarters and ever liberty dollar coins.

A good buy is the 10 kilo bags of silver coins. The silver content in these bags usually amounts to about 5 kilos of silver in old coins. Price on query but will be over the current silver price per ounce with markup and delivery of course.

Buying silver coins wholesale is a good way to stock up on silver for a rainy day. Many people stock up with a view to not being caught with their pants down in the face of economic adversity but equally it can be fun buying and sorting out those old quarters and dimes and even eagles. You just never know what you might find when you buy silver coins wholesale!

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