Thursday, March 23, 2006

Collectible Silver Coin

What constitutes a collectible silver coin you might ask.

This depends to some degree why you are collecting silver coins.

If you are collecting merely for the beauty of the coin and future investment consideration are of no consequence then you might just collect those coins that look really nice and are slightly more expensive for the silver value.

On the other hand if you are collecting silver coins purely for the future investment value you might actually be more interested in collecting those silver coins that are expected to appreciate in value over the coming years not just for the silver content perhaps but also for the rarity and or antique value.

Alternatively you might even look at silver bullion in the form of silver bars. Silver bars, however can be seen as an investment rather than a hobby and as they are not legal tender in most countries, so can attract tax considerations either at the point of purchase or later when one comes to sell and possibly make a profit. In addition silver bars will only appreciate as a result of the silver content and in line with the current silver price whereas the right silver coins can appreciate in value far in excess of the silver content if they are rare and much sought after.

So the reason why you are collecting silver coins is important as it can play a major part in deciding what coins, if any, you collect.

There are some coins that could be considered beautiful and a good buy for the future also of course. Canadian Silver Maples and US Eagles come to mind. Also The British Britannia and Chinese Pandas are examples of good quality silver coins that have an inherent beauty and are also a good buy for the future.

When it comes to buying a collectible silver coin ensure you know why you are buying the coin and that will go along way to ensuring you buy the right coin for you.

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