Friday, February 16, 2007

2007 Proof Set Canadian Silver Dollar

The Royal Canadian Mint has just issued the 2007 Proof Set Canadian Silver Dollar. This striking coin is in celebration of Thayendanegea .

According to the Royal Canadian Mint, Thayendanegea was born in Ohio during a tumultuous era that defined North America, Thayendanegea's life was greatly influenced by an alliance with the British. Thayendanegea was given the Christian name of Joseph Brant and received an English education.

Brant fought his first battle with the British when he was just a teenager. But this young warrior was also a visionary. Brant clearly understood that Native people faced inevitable change and united various nations to protect their interests.

As war chief of the Six Nations and a British military captain, Brant was respected by both sides. And when the American War of Independence ended (1783), he acted as statesman and negotiated land for the Six Nations people.

They settled in the Grand River Valley (Ontario) where Brant played a key role in their economic, political and religious lives, bringing a school, as well as a saw and grist mill to the community. Yet, despite this seemingly British way of life, Brant's vision of Native sovereignty persisted.

Thayendanegea was equally at ease with a tea cup or a tomahawk. He adopted a new culture without dishonoring his Native roots. Through his voice and his actions, Brant shaped much of Native Canada a truth that echoes throughout southwestern Ontario and in the town that bears his name.

The specifications of this very nice coin are:

Mintage: 60,000
Finish: Proof
Certificate: Serialized
Artist: Adapted from an original artwork by Laurie McGaw*

Proof Dollar*:
Composition: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper with selective gold plating
Weight (g): 25.175
Diameter (mm): 36.07
Edge: Reeded

2 dollars:
Composition: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper, gold plated inner core
Weight (g): 8.83
Diameter (mm): 28.0
Edge: Interrupted serrations

1 dollar:
Composition: Nickel electroplated with bronze
Weight (g): 7.0

The 2007 Proof Set Canadian Silver Dollar would form a very nice addition to any coin collectors set.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Diamond Wedding Silver Coins

The Royal Mint has announced the launch of a series of Diamond Wedding Anniversary Collection silver coins to pay tribute to the Queen and Prince Philip, as they celebrate their Diamond Wedding anniversary in November this year. This stunning collection of eighteen coins, authorised by a selection of countries of the Commonwealth are struck in sterling .925 silver to Proof quality and feature reverse designs specifically created to reflect both their official and personal lives.

According to the British Royal Mint, "The first coin in the collection features a beautiful reverse design of the royal couple of their wedding day and is available to you now at a special introductory price of just £19.95 – a saving of £25 since the remaining coins will be priced at £44.95 and will be sent to you automatically one every 28 days until you have received all eighteen coins."

"This magnificent silver Proof collection includes the official United Kingdom Diamond Wedding Crown with its reverse design of the rose window at Westminster Abbey by Emma Noble, and Ian Rank-Broadley’s conjoint portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip on the obverse."

"With the exception of the Diamond Wedding Crown, the other seventeen coins are hexagonal in shape – a first for the Royal Mint – the six sides representing the six decades of their married. The intermittent smooth and milled edge also includes sixty mills, again reflecting their sixty years together."

Only 30,000 Wedding Day coins will be struck from which just 15,000 collections will be made available for worldwide demand. Accompanying the collection is A highly-polished wood-veneer case worth £100 sent FREE with the 6th coin in the collection.

There is also A FREE reprint of the original Wedding Day issue of The Times accompanying the 2nd coin and a FREE 384-page paperback book entitled ‘Philip and Elizabeth – Portrait of a Royal Marriage’ by Gyles Brandreth, retailing at £7.95, will be sent with the 4th coin

A fully illustrated and informative Story card, guaranteeing the specifications and issue limits, also accompanies each coin and a Certificate of Ownership completes the collection.

The first coin is costs £19.95 and the balance will be £44.95 each.

The diamond wedding anniversary collection of silver coins is somewhat of a landmark in British silver coins and will make a valuable addition to any coin collection

Thursday, February 01, 2007

2007 Family Silver Proof Collection

The British Royal Mint have announced the unique and very special 2007 Family Silver Proof Collection.

This is a full Silver proof coin set of six coins and only 7500 set will be available to the public.

The First Coin in the Collection will be the Act of Union Silver Proof £2 Coin priced at £29.95.

This splendid silver collection includes a superb set of six United Kingdom silver Proof coins for 2007 including the Scout Movement 50p, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge £1, the Act of Union £2, the Abolition of the Slave Trade £2, the 1oz Britannia and the magnificent Diamond Wedding £5 Crown.

Each of the coins in the collection carries a new stunning reverse design with one of them, the Diamond Wedding £5 Crown, also boasting a new obverse design. That’s a total of seven new designs, with each coin dated 2007, in one single silver Proof collection.

Struck to the highest Proof quality, the collection is conveniently available by subscription where you’ll receive a coin every month (UK only). A beautiful royal blue presentation case and a full-color booklet with incorporated Certificate of Authenticity complete the collection.

This beautiful family of six silver coins for 2007 has been struck to the highest Proof quality and includes SEVEN NEW designs

Each coin reserved for your collection before it is even struck resulting in a saving of £10 off last coin in the collection with a FREE temporary storage case with your first coin.

Housed in a beautiful royal blue presentation case - FREE with your third coin and only 7,500 collections available - the issue limit for the collection will be taken from each coin’s individual issue limit

The two silver Proof £2 coins are plated with fine gold on the outer rings

The Diamond Wedding £5 Crown includes Ian Rank-Broadley’s magnificent new double portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip on the obverse, while the reverse beautifully depicts the north rose window at Westminster Abbey by Royal Mint engraver Emma Noble

The coin set comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity incorporated into a full-color booklet

To recap
Scout Movement Silver Proof 50p - £28.50
Diamond Wedding Silver Proof £5 Crown - £39.50
Abolition of the Slave Trade Silver Proof £2 - £29.95
Gateshead Millennium Bridge Silver Proof £1 - £28.95
Your final coin - the Britannia Silver Proof 1oz Coin - £37.50, saving you £10.00 on the full issue price.

The 2007 Family Silver Proof Collection is very likely to increase in value over the years and is definitely sure to give great pleasure to any coin enthusiast.