Thursday, February 01, 2007

2007 Family Silver Proof Collection

The British Royal Mint have announced the unique and very special 2007 Family Silver Proof Collection.

This is a full Silver proof coin set of six coins and only 7500 set will be available to the public.

The First Coin in the Collection will be the Act of Union Silver Proof £2 Coin priced at £29.95.

This splendid silver collection includes a superb set of six United Kingdom silver Proof coins for 2007 including the Scout Movement 50p, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge £1, the Act of Union £2, the Abolition of the Slave Trade £2, the 1oz Britannia and the magnificent Diamond Wedding £5 Crown.

Each of the coins in the collection carries a new stunning reverse design with one of them, the Diamond Wedding £5 Crown, also boasting a new obverse design. That’s a total of seven new designs, with each coin dated 2007, in one single silver Proof collection.

Struck to the highest Proof quality, the collection is conveniently available by subscription where you’ll receive a coin every month (UK only). A beautiful royal blue presentation case and a full-color booklet with incorporated Certificate of Authenticity complete the collection.

This beautiful family of six silver coins for 2007 has been struck to the highest Proof quality and includes SEVEN NEW designs

Each coin reserved for your collection before it is even struck resulting in a saving of £10 off last coin in the collection with a FREE temporary storage case with your first coin.

Housed in a beautiful royal blue presentation case - FREE with your third coin and only 7,500 collections available - the issue limit for the collection will be taken from each coin’s individual issue limit

The two silver Proof £2 coins are plated with fine gold on the outer rings

The Diamond Wedding £5 Crown includes Ian Rank-Broadley’s magnificent new double portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip on the obverse, while the reverse beautifully depicts the north rose window at Westminster Abbey by Royal Mint engraver Emma Noble

The coin set comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity incorporated into a full-color booklet

To recap
Scout Movement Silver Proof 50p - £28.50
Diamond Wedding Silver Proof £5 Crown - £39.50
Abolition of the Slave Trade Silver Proof £2 - £29.95
Gateshead Millennium Bridge Silver Proof £1 - £28.95
Your final coin - the Britannia Silver Proof 1oz Coin - £37.50, saving you £10.00 on the full issue price.

The 2007 Family Silver Proof Collection is very likely to increase in value over the years and is definitely sure to give great pleasure to any coin enthusiast.

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