Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Silver Coin Bezels

Silver coin bezels are a great way to show off a silver coin you may have.

A bezel is actually a device for securing one thing to another and the term applies in many areas including electronics. It is commonly used to describe a metal or plastic frame to hold a watch face or coin and in this case could be used as a pendant.

It is also that part of a ring that can hold a gemstone in place.

A silver coin bezel of course is a circular ring specially constructed to hold a silver coin. There are many different sizes to accommodate the various silver coins available from small coins such as the British sixpence to the American silver eagles, Canadian or Chinese silver coins and even the British 2 pound Britannia.

As well as ensuring that you get the right size bezel for your silver coin one you would also look at the style or design. Is there a style or design suitable to hold the coin of your choice? Not too think and not too think. It should be durable also, especially if you are going to use it everyday. I would suggest that you get a sterling silver bezel as that is not pure 100% silver but is alloyed with a stronger metal such as copper, for example, to increase it’s hardness and durability.

Also the coin you intend to use would of course be attractive enough to want to mount it in a bezel but I would recommend you don’t use a coin if great value as the value of the coin will drop markedly once you have it mounted in a bezel and worn on a regular basis. Using a proof or even brilliant uncirculated coin would not be wise as the value of that coin by virtue of being a proof or BU coin will vanish.

There are many silver coins one can use that have minimal value, even if purse 99.9 percent silver. Due to wear and tear of the coin. These would only have the silver content value which would be, at the time of writing, around ten US dollars per troy ounce.

Getting the right silver coin bezels you’re your silver coins can result in a delightful presentation of your silver coin and an excellent fashion accessory also.

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