Friday, March 31, 2006

Silver Maple Leaf Coin

A silver maple leaf coin is one of the more successful silver coins in terms of collectors.

The maple leaf coins were introduced in 1979 as gold bullion coins and, building on that success, the Royal Canadian Mint began to strike a silver one ounce silver maple leaf coin in 1988.

This was extremely popular paving the way for collectors with modest means to also participate in the pleasurable art of coin collecting. One ounce solver bullion coins are much easier to collect than gold with the value of silver proportionately less.

The silver maple leaf coin is also very attractively designed and features the Canadian Floral emblem of the maple leaf. The face value was five Canadian dollars. These coins are legal tender in Canada.

When buying silver maple leaf coins always ensure that you are getting at least BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) coins. Also available are proof coins which are coins that have been especially struck and polished. These coins are produced for collectors and as commemorative coins only and tends to be more expensive.

Silver maple leaf coins are quite beautiful as coins and many collectors collect exclusively silver maple leaf coins of each year and type.

Ensure you always buy from a reputable dealer and that the coin actually fits the description of the coin given. Ensure the dealer has a guarantee that if the coin is not as described you can return it for a refund.

Provided you practice some simple due diligence collecting silver maple leaf coins can be a pleasurable and possibly even profitable experience.

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