Friday, March 03, 2006

Silver Coin Proof Set

Silver coin proof sets are collected by coin enthusiasts and people who just like the aesthetics of the coins in their presentation.

Some people collect them for their investment value also.

There are many silver coin proof sets available. Most coin dealers, auction houses and online auctions such as eBay will have them.

All silver coin proof sets have been struck especially for collectors and have a limited mintage so usually wind up being rare to some degree.

When looking for proof coins ensure:

It is stated ‘proof’ in the information or specifications. Sometimes coins are stated as Mint. This is not proof. Proof coins are especially struck differently to mint uncirculated coins.

Ensure the coins come sealed in their original sealed packaging. If the package appears to have been opened refuse them as a) they not be proof coins or b) they may have been handled which would destroy their proof standing and they become merely uncirculated mint coins.

They should come with a certificate of authenticity or a written statement of their quality or grading.

One of the most collected silver coins in the world are the Morgan Silver Dollars, As proof coins these are a good buy as are always in demand. They are always a saleable item in times of need also. Most are worth a few dollars but there are some that can be worth a few thousand. It is worth while doing some due diligence and study if you have an interest in Morgan Silver Dollars.

There are many other silver coin proof sets around from the US, Canada, Australia, China and Europe. All of them make fine collections and, provided one follows the above ca one can build up a very nice and valuable collection over a period of time.

For any coin enthusiast, collecting silver coin proof sets is a fascinating hobby as well as a sound future investment .

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