Friday, March 10, 2006

Mongolian Silver Coins

Mongolia, interestingly enough, has its own silver coins and in one set Mongolia honors it’s own dinosaurs with two Mongolian Silver coins.

Mongolia is not noted for any precious metal coin issue so this is quite notable.

Two recently issued silver coins of sterling silver proof coins features the Protoceratops Andrewsi, a plant-eating dinosaur while the other, the Velociraptor Mongoliensis, a quick and agile predator. Both lived around 75 million years ago and were discovered in the Gobi Desert in the 1920s.

The coins are dated 2001 and have a mintage of only 2500 coins each. They are 38.6 mm in diameter each and very nicely presented. I cannot find out exactly but believe they are about half ounce silver each.

If one can fine these coins they would be an excellent addition to any collection. The only place I can find these coins available is at: Mongolian silver coins.

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