Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ancient Silver Coins

With ancient silver coins probably the most important factor is that there are many fakers around.

There are more genuine coins than fakes of course but fakes do abound. In the ancient silver coins area of coin collecting. Unless you are an expert or experienced in ancient silver coins it is difficult to tell the difference between genuine and fake coins.

Some people actually collect fakes, particularly famous ones, from well know fakers such as the 20th century copyist Peter Rosa.

Many fakes come marked "Copy" in accordance with the US Hobby Protection Act. These are fine as you know what you are getting. However there are those that are not marked as fakes but non the less are fake or counterfeit.

Greek, Roman, Persian, Parthian, Byzantine and Egyptian ancient silver coins are the most popular coins collected. All ancient silver coins were struck by hand and so there are variations in each coin.
ancient silver coins.

The better quality, especially after all this time, the coin is the more value it has of course. Some coins can be worth many thousands. Most however are in fair or poor condition and worth only a few hundred if that.

Ancient silver coins do have a fascination all their own however. Extensive in depth information on the subject is available from
Ancient silver coins contain much history and, as well as the possible values, much interest for the avid coin enthusiast.

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