Friday, April 21, 2006

When to Buy Silver

When to buy silver is very important especially if you are accumulating silver for the future.

In times of economic turmoil people tend to turn towards precious metals such as silver and gold. Gold is an excellent asset to hold but silver has some advantages among which it is cheaper per ounce and easier to buy and sell quickly.

What sort of silver should you buy? Probably a variety of silver is the most optimum. A selection of silver coins, small bars or ‘biscuits’ or 10 and 100 ounce bars would be prudent. Then you can sell the quantity you might need to sell to raise a more specific amount of money.

Gold tends to be more expensive and selling an ounce of gold may net you more that you would be willing to convert into cash whereas you can sell one or several ounces of silver to cover a specific need.

The best time to buy silver for the long term is always now. What ever the price, the cost of the silver will average out in the long term. The more you can buy at one time will reduce the dealer and shipping costs and bring you closer to spot price (Spot price is what the current going rate for silver is on the daily markets. You can see this by checking the charts at the top of this web site).

Always ensure you buy silver from an authorized mint or dealer and if you are buying silver coins get a certificate of authenticity as well.

The above basically tells you when to buy silver but always do your due diligence and remember there are no certainties in investment!

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