Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Silver Coin Buyer

If you want to sell your silver coins you will need a silver coin buyer. This could be an established dealer or just someone in a private sale. Also it can be done by auction.

First, in order to sell your coins to a silver coin buyer you will need to know what your coins are worth. This can be found two ways. Firstly you can get an idea by checking the prices of other coins that are exactly the same as yours. Secondly you can get them valued by an established coin dealer. A coin dealer will not give you the best price however as he has to resell them and he wants his cut as well. A private sale or even an auction can produce better results.

Other avenues to sell your coins include local coin collectors clubs, advertising in local and coin magazines also. There are also local coin shows from time to time and local papers or coin magazine will usually feature the venue for these. Other avenues include newsgroups, forums and trash and treasure or boot sales.

Online auctions are gaining in popularity, Sell your coins from home. Of course you need to practice due diligence on your buyer and ensure they are bona fide just as they should be ensure that you are bona fide also! You should also make yourself familiar with the processes used in online auctions, bidding and conditions or terms of use are most important.

Selling your silver coins to a silver coin buyer is not difficult. Most are interested din what you have to sell.

Lastly it is important that you describe your coins accurately and very specifically so that you do not get any returns saying, “this is not what I ordered”. Make sure the silver coin buyer really understands and acknowledges what they are getting and you should be fine.

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