Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Commemorative Silver Coins

Some coin collectors collect commemorative silver coins.

There are heaps of these available from the gold and silver commemorative coins commemorating the new Zealand win of the Americas Cup in 1995 to the 2005 marine Corps commemorative coins of the US to the heaps of commemorative coins of the Slovak Republic commemorating a host of events and people. Just about most countries that produce coins will produce commemorative coins are one time or another if not on a regular basis.

Commemorative coins are usually proof quality if not proof coins and come presented in special attractive boxes or containers with numbered certificate of authenticity..

They are usually more expensive than the usual coins and also have a severely limited mintage in the thousands rather than the tens or hundreds of thousands. As a result they usually increase their value quite well.

When buying commemorative coins always buy from the mint if possible. This reduces the profit margin to the mints rather than dealers also, and also ensures that you will get a guaranteed product. If the coin is not up to the standard expected the mint will invariably exchange it or issue a refund.

When your commemorative coin or set of coins arrives check carefully that they are sealed within their plastic bubble and have not been tampered with. Check each coin, with a magnifying glass to ensure there are no hairline cracks or specks which would show that the coins had been touched by hand or there had been specks of dirt between the coin and the die when it was struck.

Lastly, check the certificate against the coin to ensure it is accurate and relates to that coin.

Collecting commemorative silver coins can be a lot of fun and increase your asset value very nicely provided you ensure that what you have bought is what you got.

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