Monday, April 24, 2006

Silver Roman Coin

Collectors of the silver roman coin will understand the long history behind roman silver coins and how they came to originate.

In fact there are even books written about the roman coins with lists of the coinage available.

Generally the silver coin range was from around 27BC to several hundred years AD, with most coins featuring the head of the Roman empire.

To acquire these sorts of coins one would have to have a keen interest and some experience to know just what you are buying. There are specialist dealers that deal exclusively in ancient coins so it pays to shop around.

Buying ancient roman silver coins would not be advisable through an auction such as eBay unless one is very well versed in the types and conditions of such coins and clearly knows what one is buying.

Nevertheless it can be a very interesting hobby and such coins can usually be had for a few hundred dollars or less.

Just some important points to keep in mind.

Pick a reputable dealer. There are some fake silver roman coins around and, although there are people who like to collect those, mostly they are sold with a view to cheat people and so you would not be getting genuine ancient silver roman coins.

Ensure you can get a certificate of authenticity or at least a guarantee that the coin is genuine.

Make sure you can return the coin of found not to your satisfaction.

Don’t buy coins from people you do not know or who advertise coins in newspapers.

Coin collecting clubs are also a good source of coins, especially clubs that specialize in ancient coins. This is also a valuable resource to learn more about roman coins.

You can build up a very good silver roman coin collection provided you do some due diligence and ensure you study well and know what you are buying.

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