Sunday, April 16, 2006

US Silver Coin Values

US silver coin values can vary tremendously depending on their rarity, condition and other factors.

The Hawaiian silver half dollar pictured recently sold for over 65,000 US dollars for example, at a Bowers and Merena Auction.

Many early silver coins sell at auction repeatedly and the price or value increases each time.

The silver content in such coins is not very high and certainly is not a factor in the sale of such coins. But the condition and rarity certainly is.

Probably the rarity of these coins is the biggest factor in determining their value. Such coins are usually well looked after so the condition hardly changes at all over the years. The more time marches on, however, then the rarer such coins become. It becomes less and less likely that more of that same coin will surface and so the number of that coin remains limited.

One can do a search for rare silver coins and keep a record of US silver coin values and watch as, over the years, they increase in value.

This means if you intend to buy a rare silver coin the chances are you will almost certainly improve the value of your coin simply by holding on to it and reselling it at a later date.

Such coins should be kept in a protective case away from prying hands and fingers as they can easily damage and reduce the value of a coin just by handling it.

Such coins, over a few years then, can increase by 100, 200 or even 300 percent in value. It is a good idea to get the coin properly and professionally appraised each year to keep track of the value and also for insurance purposes.

US silver coin values are only likely to increase over the years so if you are fortunate enough to have any US silver coins it will pay to look after them very carefully.

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