Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pure Silver Coin

A pure silver coin is readily available both from dealers as well as on the net and at or in auctions.

Many countries produce a one ounce pure silver 99 percent or above silver coin and these can be anything from the US silver eagles, to the Canadian silver maple leaf, Chinese Panda, British sovereign and the variety issued by the Australian Mints.

Even coins featuring famous people are available from the late Princess Diana to Marylyn Monroe naked, no less have been issued by mints around the world.

This is a bonanza for the silver coin collector as it is possible to not only get single coins but also set with different themes, such as the Australian Kookaburra silver coin set for example which features a different coin each year.

Others include Somali Monkeys, Mexican 1 Onza Plata Pura to name just a few.

A quick search on the net will net you hundreds of varying types and styles and mintages but all with the same theme of purse silver but in different sizes from one troy ounce up to one kilo coins.

If you decide to seek out and buy some of these sets always be sure to buy from a reputable dealer or the mint directly if possible. Ensure the quality of the coin, near proof, proof or brilliant uncirculated, is exactly as is stated in the promo and also ensure that it is sealed in the original container and has a certificate to go with it.

It can be heaps of fun collecting a pure silver coin or set of coins provided one is sensible about it and does one’s due diligence.

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