Friday, April 14, 2006

Silver Eagle Proof Coin

American Silver Eagle Proof Coins were first created by Adolph A. Weinman in 1916. Later in 1986 the US Mint selected the world famous design, "Walking Liberty." For the obverse of that coin.

The silver eagle proof coin is a one ounce 99.9 percent pure silver coin. It has a face value of one US dollar and each coin undergoes a specialized minting process with special die administered to the coins which have had fed to the press. The coin is scrupulously checked for any imperfections and then sealed in a protective bubble or case and presented in a velvet lined presentation case.

When you buy a silver eagle proof coin you should ensure that the protective plastic case is still sealed and has not been tampered with and that the presentation box is intact also. There should be a certificate of authenticity which matches the coin.

Silver eagle proof coins have continued to be produced by the US Mint since 1986 and are considered, by some, to be the most beautiful of all silver coins produced in the US.

There are also the Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) versions of the coin but these coins can deteriorate as they are not in a plastic protective case but come in rolls and so can get marked, scratched or even chipped. This can affect the value of the coin quite dramatically.

For serious collectors the silver proof coins offer the best long term value.

Many collectors build up an impressive set of coins and to have a set going back to 1986 would be an impressive collection indeed.

Collecting the silver eagle proof coin is a fun activity for collectors. As well as being able to appreciate the beauty of the coin they can rest assured knowing the value is increasing with time.

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