Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Silver Dollar Coin Values

It is important to know silver dollar coin values if you are buying and or selling silver dollar coins.

These can vary with the year of mintage and the condition of the coin. Silver Morgan dollar coins, for example can range from a few dollars to many thousands depending on the condition and the rarity. The more rare a coin is the less important the condition is but the less rare the more important the condition. If you find a rare silver Morgan dollar that is also in Brilliant Uncirculated condition you would be indeed fortunate as it would command the heist of prices.

There are unusual silver coins available also that have a high value in other countries. Early Britannias and European coins from the last century are examples.

Peace dollars are another example of cons that become rare. In this case a complete set can run to 1100 to 2300 dollars depending on condition. A complete set would be from 1921 to 1935 with different mints in the US minting them. The piece coins were to be recalled but it seems that there are still some coins around.

This sort of thing applies to many coins, Silver Dollar Values is a good site to check the value of various coins both silver and gold.

So doing due diligence when buying or selling silver coins is important and will ensure that you do get what you pay for or, if selling that you get the silver dollar coin value you should be getting.

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