Monday, February 27, 2006

Silver Coin for Sale

“Silver coin for sale, silver coin for sale!” What comes around goes around the old saying goes and this applies to silver coins as much as anything else.

Silver coins were used many years ago as legal tender before the cupro-nickel became stylish and it is quite possible that silver coins could again be popular as legal tender.

They already are legal tender of course in most parts of the world but try taking one into a supermarket to pay for some groceries and you will find out just how acceptable they are.

But if there is a dramatic downturn in the economy and as the ever increasing printing of paper money being issued begins to be worth less and less, then the thought of silver as a legal tender starts to become more attractive and even supermarkets are not completely silly.

The current cry then from bullion dealers, “Silver coins for sale”, will start to make a lot more sense to the forward thinkers who certainly have no intention being caught with their financial trousers down.

How many people are, even now, hoarding silver coins for an economically rainy day! Are there enough silver coins in the world for everyone I wonder?

The basic silver coin, whether, an American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian kookaburra, British Sovereign or a Chinese Panda, or whatever country and currency is usually one silver troy ounce. Enough to buy around 9-10 US dollars worth of groceries in the supermarket. interestingly enough it always has been sufficient to buy the same amount of groceries for several hundreds of years and is likely to continue that way.

In fact, silver, being in short supply, as little is being mined and any new silver is mostly a byproduct of mining other materials, seems likely to increase in value and there is going to come a time when silver is going to be enough to buy more than a couple of days groceries if not whole weeks supply of food.

So, if you see or hear the cry, “Silver coin for sale”, perk up your ears. It might just be the bargain you have been looking for!

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