Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Canadian Silver Coins

Canadian silver coins are an excellent coin to collect not just for their silver content but also for their aesthetic beauty.

Collecting coins is not just about retaining or increasing ones net worth by collecting silver but it can be an enjoyable and fun activity as well. Silver is also one of the least expensive of the precious metals for collectors and, over time, one can build up a very impressive collection of silver coins.

Probably the most popular Canadian silver coin is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.
After the success of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin in 1979, The Canadian Royal Mint, in 1988 produced the first Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Canadian Maple Leaf One Ounce Silver Coins are produced by the Canadian Royal Mint and the holographic beauty of the coin is produce by a special advance process in which the hologram is struck directly onto the coins surface. All Silver Maple Leaf coins are sold in the one ounce size and are composed of fine 99.99% pure silver. The total weight is 31.104 grams of which 31.10 grams is fine silver.

The face value is shows as five dollars.

For the original 1988 and 1989 issues, the portrait used was the "decimal portrait" as used on British decimal coins since 1971. From 1990 onwards, the portrait was then changed to one similar to that used on British coins from 1985 to 1997.

The idea of the Canadian Silver Maple leaf coin is to enable people to purchase smaller quantities of silver in the form of coins and the design of the coin was created to appeal to collectors around the world.

The Canadian Mint produces a variety of silver coin which can be viewed at Canadian Silver Coins and it is possible to buy directly from the mint.

However you can often get some excellent deals from established silver coin dealers around so it always pays to shop around.

Canadian Silver Coins are an excellent investment for coin collectors as well as being some of the most beautiful coins available today.

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