Saturday, February 25, 2006

Antique Silver Coins

Antique silver coins can make a very worth while investment for the coin collector. However some due diligence is required to ensure that one is getting antique coins and not a pig in a poke when one starts out to buy antique silver coins.

Many collectors specialize in antique silver or gold coins and, over time, build up some very impressive collections.

Firstly it is vital one does one’s homework. This means studying up on antique silver coins, finding out that is actually antique and what is not. Also what fake coins exist, and they do, which pass as antiques.

Also where to buy antique silver coins. eBay and other auctions offer innumerable antique silver coins but there are no guarantees that what one is buying is truly antique so you really need to know what you are doing when buying at or from auctions.

Picking a good solid reputable dealer who specializes in antique coins and offers certain guarantees is a wise move.

Check out the dealer. What are their terms and conditions? What guarantees do they offer? How bona fide are they? Importantly, will they accept coins back after sale if they are found to be fake or counterfeit?

One good site to check out is antique silver coins. Here you can see the potential values of American antique silver dollars. The values can range here from 40 or 50 dollars up to over 7000 dollars depending on the quality, date and rarity of the coins.

Here a mine of information on antique silver coins can be found and the dealer also provides a guarantee of satisfaction.

However it is always a wise move to shop around and get a good sense of what is available and how much.

If you have an interest in collecting antique silver coins then by following the above you are quite likely to build up a collection any coin enthusiast would be overjoyed to have.

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