Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chinese Silver Coins

Chinese silver coins come in a variety of types, and styles and sizes. Probably the most popular and well liked are the ‘Panda’ series.

China is one of the most prolific producers of coins in the world. Most of these coins are for general use of course but China also produces some of the most beautiful commemorative series of coins. This includes the Panda series as mentioned a well as the Lunar series also.

Although millions of circulating coins are produced the commemorative sets are usually of low mintage and this makes them quite valuable as, once they are sold, and this is usually very fast, there is no more of that mintage.

In fact, most series of coins are under the 5000 coins minted and the price or value of the coins can make extraordinary jumps in value, some well over 200 percent. Within a year.

Consequently, Chinese Silver Pandas and Silver Lunars are among some of the most sort after coins by coin enthusiasts.

As with other collections it is worth while seeking to collect all the Pandas, for example, from 1989 through to the present. The collection is worth much more per coin than just the individual coins this way.

It is also possible to get a Red Velvet lined presentation case to keep the pandas in however, they should not be taken out of their protective pouches. Any handling of the silver coins will remove the brilliant uncirculated grading of the coins.

Silver coins should never be touched by hand, cleaned or handled in any way if you want to preserve the value of the coins.

For coin enthusiasts, collecting Chinese silver coins can be a very pleasurable past time as well as an excellent asset for the future.

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