Friday, February 17, 2006

Rare Silver Coins

Rare silver coins is almost a specialized branch of coin collecting.

Some people only collect rare silver coins and are always on the look out for that unusually or interesting rare coin that is hard to come by.

Examples of rare silver coins include the Morgan Liberty Head and the Seated liberty, proof and high grade. In the 1859 to 1900 year range.

These can sell for a few hundred dollars but the early 1859 silver dollars can sell for several thousand dollars

An 1864 Silver Dollar Seated Liberty with no motto and proof will sell for over 3000 dollars in fact.

A Quarter Dollar Seated Liberty (pictured) with a grade of MS-65 would sell for over five thousand dollars.

So there is money in rare silver coins. Such coin collections of course do not suffer from inflation or economic downturns, In fact in such cases their value is more likely to increase.

Many people collect rare silver coins as a hobby or because they like particular coins or enjoy making up sets. But there are many serious collectors out there than collect for investment purposes.

When collecting rare silver coins ensure that you pick an established and reputable dealer. Check their inventory and even browse other dealers also to compare prices and stock. Go for the proof and high quality coins if you can afford them. They will increase in value.

Ensure you check the year. There can be a vast difference in the value of a coin produced even a year before or after.

For example the 1859 Silver Dollar - Seated Liberty, No Motto MS-62 sells for well over 1000 dollars, yet the 1860 with an MS-63, is only worth one dollar.

It pays therefore, when collecting rare silver coins, to do your due diligence to ensure you get the best and are happy with your collection

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