Thursday, February 09, 2006

Silver and Gold Prices

Silver and gold prices are on the rise.

How can one take advantage of that? If one has silver and gold bullion in the form of coins and bars then it is much better to retain those and not sell them..

When they were bought there was invariably a mark up from the dealer or mint from whom you got them and this should be taken into account when reviewing the actual worth of the bullion.

You might own perhaps, ten or twenty silver and or gold coins, or perhaps bars. Work out the accumulated cost of purchasing these, including the shipping cost. You might be surprised to find out just how much you paid for them.

Dealers are currently screaming for more silver and gold coins and bars. Offering ‘top dollar’ for your coins or bars. Encouraging you to sell. But how much would you really make? And what is the price of losing an asset you have carefully built up over the years?

The dealers are only interested in turnover. Not in collecting coins or bars. It is simply stock to them.

In addition those coins and bars are a highly useful asset in times of severe economic downturn. They are easy to store. Easy to take with you when you travel and, importantly, are always easy to sell.

Just selling because the amount of printed money you can get for silver and gold coins and bars is not really a sufficient reason to sell.

Silver and gold prices reflect real values and it could be said that it is not the value of the silver and gold that is rising but the value of the printed money which is deteriorating.

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