Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Coins

The Royal Australian Mint, in Canberra Australia, has just issued a beautiful set of 2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Coins.

This issue is to celebrate 40 years of decimal currency in Australia.

These coins are quite stunning and feature, for the first time, the original Arnold Machin effigy of the Queen which was first seen in 1966 when decimal currency was first introduced.

The coins, bearing this special obverse, are only available in the 2006 Fine Silver Year Set and make this set the most unique and sought after of all the Fine Silver Year Sets released by the Royal Australian Mint.

These coins and their images are produced in 99.9% fine silver and come as a set of 8 denominations from 1 cent through to two dollar silver coins. These are proof coins and the mintage is limited to 6500. The International price is $209.09 Australian Dollars plus shipping costs.

Further information can be obtained from 2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Coins

This is a very beautiful collection and these 2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Coins will be treasured by coin collectors for many years to come.

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