Friday, January 20, 2006

What Silver Coins to Buy

If you want to know what silver coins to buy, then you have come to the right place.

There is a plethora of silver coins available from old to new to circulated, uncirculated to proof from all the major coin producing countries in the world.

What silver coins to buy will depend on the following factors:

How much you wish to budget for. The larger the amount of silver you can purchase the less mark up you have to pay the dealer. However it should be something that is within your budget. You can start small and build up over time. If you purchase silver on a regular basis any fluctuations in the value will tend to even out. Silver is tending to rise and will always retain its value. Also you can build up collections that improve well with age and the fact that it is a complete collection adds additional value too.

Do a study of the coins available. If you are inexperienced sticking to the traditional American Silver Eagles, Australian Kookaburra, Phoenix Dollar Silver coins and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, all with established amounts of silver, would be a good start. An experienced numismatist can extend his choice further of course and, as you become more experienced you will be able to expand your select of coins also.

Select a reputable dealer to buy from. Especially if you are buying online. Ask such questions as:

Is there a fixed address and contact phone numbers?

How long have they been in business?

Have they an authorization from a Mint? Apart from the US Mint, who do not sell direct to the public, many mints around the word can sell you the coins they strike and the advantage here is that you know the coins are genuine and not fake. Once you have found one it is a good idea to stick to that dealer and build up a history or track record with them.

The best silver coins to buy are those that are authenticated and contain a guaranteed amount of silver. You can get coins ranging from 1 ounce up to 10 ounces of silver or more.

Some of the best silver coins to buy, especially when you are starting out are:

American Silver Eagles
Australian Silver Kookaburra
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
Phoenix Silver Dollar

Once you have started off in this fascinating hobby and know what silver coins to buy, I am sure you will have many interesting, and at times, exciting hours in front of you.

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