Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Silver Nuggets

Silver nuggets are very rare. By silver nuggets I mean those wriggly bits of silver prospectors find on the surface when prospecting. Like gold nuggets, these are not found with mining but only by panning on the surface, usually in streams but sometimes in rocky outcrops or simply, but more rarely, on the ground.

There is a silver coin from Australia sometimes called the silver nugget but we don’t mean that. Silver nuggets is also a term used for silver used in the jewelery business for the creation of necklaces, earrings, pendants and so forth but we don't mean that either.

Many are prized for their interesting shapes.

These nuggets are so rare in fact that one would be better employed collecting silver coins, such as American Eagles, Morgans or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins.

However, the value of silver is on the rise again so it is worth while collecting silver coins and silver bars. Silver coins are easily obtainable and inexpensive and have a beauty that makes it worth while collecting them for aesthetic reasons alone.

Silver coins can be purchased from most reputable dealers and usually come in one and ten ounce coins.

Most of the popular coins are 99.9 percent pure silver and it is recommended to get proof sets if possible as these tend to increase in value more.

Silver bars are also a worth while catch and purchasing the 1 kilo and over bars can be a profitable long term investment.

Silver nuggets may sometimes be found advertised in auctions such as eBay and other precious metal auctions. Always take care with these as, being so rare, it is actually very unlikely there is a genuine silver nugget for sale.

Whether you actually come across a genuine silver nugget or are happy to accumulate some very nice silver coins or bars, you are sure to have an interesting time with your collection.

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