Sunday, January 22, 2006

Silver Eagle Coins

The US government launched the start of Silver Eagle Coins in 1986. Since that time the silver eagle dollar coin has become the most popular with collectors around the world eager to own a stack of these easy to purchase coins.

Many people consider the design to be one of the most beautiful ever struck. The obverse or head of the coin features the Walking Liberty design by Adolph Weinman and the reverse, or tail, of the coin is the heraldic eagle, designed by John Mercanti, which gives the coin its name.

Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver and about 1.6 inches in diameter.

Many collectors add Silver Eagle coins to their coin collection on a regular basis as a means to supplement their investment portfolio and increase their net worth as well as just the enjoyment of collecting and owning such a beautiful set of silver coins.

Silver Eagle Proof Coins make the best investment choice of the silver eagles and the US mint produces a limited issue each year so they get snapped up quite quickly.

Proof coins are struck several times to produce a perfect coin and quality inspections are done on each coin produced. They are then sealed in a protective plastic bag and presented usually in a box. This of course adds to the cost but even with this, in the long term, they are still an ideal investment for the future.

Silver Eagle coins cannot be purchased from the US Mint directly but only through their authorized dealers. However there are many dealers around that stock and sell Silver Eagle coins.

One simply checks that the dealer is authorized and reputable and makes one’s selection with care.

When you receive your silver eagle proof coins you should always check to ensure that they are sealed and the seal has not been tampered with.

Then one can be sure of having a fine and valuable collection of Silver Eagle Coins to treasure and enjoy!

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