Saturday, January 21, 2006

What Silver Bullion to Buy

What silver bullion to buy is a question that many people ask.

The types of silver bullion available are:
Silver nuggets
Silver bars or wafers
Silver coins
Silver nuggets are very hard to come by and require an experienced eye to judge their true value. Of course there is the silver content and silver has a definite value per troy ounce. But silver nuggets are rare and that rarity will add to the value of the nugget. Judging how much value is the province of an experienced collector.

Silver bars, or wafers, are a better option as they are produced to specific standards and are marked on the bar. You can purchase from a 1 ounce bar up to 1000 ounces or 1 Kilo.

A silver bar should have stamped on it, the amount of silver content, the degree of fineness which should be 999.0 or more, and the name of the mint in which it was struck.

The smaller bars are proportionally more expensive due to mark up and shipping costs. Usually these are sold for decorative or aesthetic value. Even as jewelry. It is the 1000 ounce bars that are popular with collections for their investment value.

Silver coins are probably the most popular way of purchasing and collecting silver bullion. Not only is there an aesthetic appeal and beauty about silver coins there can also be an excellent investment value.

Such coins as the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple leaf and the Australian Silver Kookaburra are examples of very popular silver coins. These all contain 1 troy ounce of pure silver.

Because it is not expensive to purchase silver coins it is easy to build up a good quality collection with dates of issue and proof sets etc. This would be an excellent way to collect silver bullion.

So, in short, good quality silver coins, coin collections and 1000 ounce bars would be the answer to a silver bullion buyers question, what silver bullion to buy.

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