Friday, January 20, 2006

US Silver Dollar

The US Silver dollar is one of the most popular silver coins to be collected by coin enthusiasts around the world.

The US has been minting coins since around the 1790s and these have been mostly gold, silver and copper among other less valuable metals. But the silver dollar is by far the most that has been minted and is the most collected.

The American Silver dollar is usually 90% silver and 10% copper. This give the coin extra durability and strength. The silver content by weight is .7736 troy ounces but the last circulating silver dollar coins which were struck in the 1970s were only 40% silver to 60% nickel and copper. In the 1980s however, the US Mint started striking the Silver Eagle dollar coin and this was 100% silver giving a full troy ounce in each coin. This coin was not designed for circulation however as the silver content is around 5 times more valuable than the face value of the coin.

There are a number of different silver coins which have been minted in various locations around the US. The most popular has been the Morgan 1878-1921, Peace 1921-1935, and Silver Eagles 1986 to present day. They are relatively inexpensive and affordable by most people and easy to locate. About 1 billion have been minted so there are plenty available from reputable dealers.

It is a good idea to browse around as there are many types of silver dollars from the 1790s on up to the present day. Some are quite valuable and some are not very valuable at all. It can be a fascinating hobby studying the various silver dollar issues.

Always ensure you deal with a reputable dealer and get all the information and fact before you buy.

Do that and you will enjoy many happy hours of enjoyment collecting the US Silver Dollar!

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