Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Silver Coin Prices

Silver coin prices are easily available by browsing the various dealers and auction houses online .

It is a good idea, before you buy any silver coins, to check out the prices of various coins and note any difference however.

Usually the common silver coins, such as the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, for example, are fairly standard. There are early rare silver coins which can sell for much more than the silver content of the coin.

Silver coins are 99.9 percent silver and produced at various private and governmental mints. Some overseas mints will sell silver coins directly to the public (The Australian Perth Mint is an example) but mints such as the US Mint only sells through reputable authorized dealers.

Most silver coins are one troy ounce silver and have a specific face value. But the silver content and rarity, due to limited issue, determines the value and price of the coin not the face value. The American Silver Eagle, a pure silver coin weighting one ounce has a face value stamped on it of one dollar, but is usually sold for the value of the silver plus a mark up and shipping costs. This can be anything up to twenty dollars for the one coin.

There are many silver coins. Just a few of the US available include:

Three Cent Silvers
Early Half Dimes
Seated Half Dimes
Early Dimes
Seated Dimes
Barber Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Roosevelt Dimes
Early Quarters
Twenty Cents & Seated Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters
Statehood Quarters
Early Halves
Liberty Seated Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars
Seated and Trade Dollars
Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony &
Sacagawea Dollars

Then there are the silver coins produced by other countries such as Australia, Austria, South Africa, the UK and many others.

For the coin enthusiast, there are plenty to chose from, and collecting silver coins is sure to give endless enjoyment for both young and old.

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