Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Superior Silver Coins

What are superior silver coins? Are they any different to ordinary silver coins? It is really a matter of perception. Superior silver coins can be coins that are the best quality possible such as Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated.

The coin grading system that applies to all collector coins, silver or gold is as follows:

1. AG = About Good
2. G = Good
3. VG = Very Good
4. F = Fine
5. XF = Extra Fine
6. AU = Almost Uncirculated
7. MS = Mint State (Uncirculated or Unc.)
8. BU = Brilliant Uncirculated
9. PR = Proof
10. RAW = Owner Graded (Uncertified)

Number 10 is extremely rare and regarded by some as the perfect coin. 9 is proof coins as purchased from a mint or coin dealer. These coins are not intended for circulation but issued as collectors or commemorative coins only.

Numbers 7,8, are ideal also and could also be considered superior coins. These are traded prolifically and if you are buying coins for a collection then such coins should come in these categories.

6 through to 1. are ordinary coins and are generally not worth a great deal unless they have a marked and distinct rarity and then may be much sought after. This is for the experienced Numismatic coin collector.

Superior silver coins also applies to some early ancient in good condition and rare silver coins from era’s such as the early Greek. A Coin of Alexander the Great (2300 years old) is an example. Some of these coins will sell for up to one thousand dollars depending on condition.

In dealing or collecting superior coins doing due diligence is paramount. It can be so easy to mistake a condition of a coin or a rarity value and that can be a costly mistake.

Having a good understanding of superior silver coins will make a big difference to ones ability to buy and sell superior silver coins.

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