Sunday, May 07, 2006

Silver Bars

Silver bars are becoming very popular with the rising value of silver. There is little silver being mined these days and most of the silver is a by product of mining other metals. Consequently silver is becoming more in demand.

One of the best ways of accumulating silver is through silver bars. These come in all sizes from one ounce of pure silver up to ten ounce and even one kilo bars.

In some countries however the purchase of silver bars is subject to tax. In the UK for example, one has to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) which takes away some of the interest, not to mention the financial advantages, of purchasing silver by the bar. Fortunately in those countries one can still purchase silver coins with out paying tax.

But for those that can buy silver bars it is important that you select a reputable dealer who will ensure that each bar is properly packaged and authenticated and comes with a certificate. This should provide a guarantee that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

The bigger bar you can manage to buy the better, in terms of value. Each dealer or mint has to add administration costs and some profit and there is shipping and possibly insurance to consider. This can make the cost of buying a one ounce bar as against a one kilo bar quite considerable. The closer you can buy to ‘spot’ (spot = the actual price of a metal on the markets) the better and this usually means buying larger amounts.

Silver bars are easy to move and store and easy to sell also. They are an ideal way of moving assets around for the busy traveller.

If you do your due diligence when shopping for silver bars you will be able to provide some future security relatively easily.

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