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The Royal Air Force Silver Proof Coin Collection

The Royal Air Force Silver Proof Coin Collection is the newest collection by the British Royal Mint to celebrate 90 years of the Royal Air Force.

According to the Royal Mint, "On 1 April 1918 the RAF was formed by the amalgamation of the existing Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Navy Air Service. The new service, independent of army or naval control, had come into being. Two significant events in the history of the RAF took place in 1919, the first being the appointment of Winston Churchill as the Secretary of State for War and Air and the second the return of Sir Hugh Trenchard as Chief of the Air Staff. By the December of that year, Churchill placed before Parliament a memorandum prepared by Trenchard outlining 'the Scheme for the Permanent Organisation of the Royal Air Force'. Trenchard's plans proved successful, shaping the RAF and enabling it to expand and develop over the coming years. His command, guidance and efforts in this regard earned him the respected title 'Father of the RAF.'anic origin and a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is also famous as the place of Exile for Napoleon Bonaparte between 1815 and his death in 1821."

This superb set of .925 sterling silver proof quality coins were issued for St Helena. Named after St. Helena of Constantinople, St Helena is an island of volcanic origin and a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is famous as the place of Exile for Napoleon Bonaparte between 1815 and his death in 1821.

All of the 18 coins feature impressive designs on the reverse created by the Royal Mint engravers with nine of the silver coins bear detailed renditions of some of the most famous aircraft in history, and the other nine well-known heroic pilots and all coins are unified with the inclusion of a full-colour RAF roundel (an icon of nationality employed on military aircraft and air force flags, generally round and consisting of concentric rings of different colors). Surrounding each design is the lettering, chosen by the design team for its pleasing strength, and proclaiming its hero or aircraft.

The first coin features Sir Douglas Bader's Hawker Hurricane at a special introductory price. Designed by Sydney Camm this aircraft will always be remembered for the vital role it played during the Battle of Britain. Each month thereafter the next in the series of .925 sterling silver coins is issued approximately every 28 days until the collection is complete.

The obverse shared by all companion coins bears the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Raphael Maklouf.

This 18-coin collection will feature the following famous aircraft and pilots.

Hawker Hurricane
Douglas Bader
Supermarine Spitfire
Johnny Johnson
John Braham
Leonard Cheshire
Guy Gibson
David Lord
The Gnat
Ray Hanna
SE5A Mick Mannock
Lord Trenchard

The Mosquito flew night missions and was guided by its target by a radar system. To best represent the aircraft use, the coin has reverse frosting and, the aircraft images themselves are modelled incuse giving the impression as though lit by searchlights at night.

The pilots and aircraft mentioned above are subject to alteration and the order is subject to change without notification. Coins shown are not actual size. Prices and packaging may change without notice. Coins featured in the sets may not be packed as shown.

The collection also comes with a number of complementary gifts by the Mint.

An illustrated Story card, giving information on each of the famous aircrafts or pilots in the collection, will accompany each 18 coin.

A Temporary Case with the first coin to safely hold and protect your coins.

Includes also is carefully selected cards and messages; a Christmas dinner menu from 1943 from RAF Station Ford, an illustrated booklet 'Taking off' by Noel Monks plus many more interesting memorabilia from the RAF.

A luxury wooden case houses the 18 coins in the collection comes with the sixth coin and an extra tray with the eighth.

The RAF Book by Michael A Fopp, 'The Tradition is Safe' comes with the 10th coin and includes the history of the RAF with photographs and information from the RAF Museum.

Finally a Certificate of Ownership with the final coin confirming the strict issue limit of 20,000 collections.

The Royal Air Force Silver Proof Coin Collection is likely to be one of the most sought after collections in the future.

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