Saturday, October 07, 2006

US Silver Dollar Eagle – Part 3

This is part 3 of US Silver Dollar Eagle

US Silver Dollars Eagles are widely found in auctions, dealers and of course with coin collectors.

It is very important that when buying US Silver Dollar Eagles one understands as much about them as possible. Hence the previous two articles as background and to serve to give some information about the various US Silver Dollars available.

There are some vital points to keep in mind when buying rare or early US Silver Dollar Eagles. Especially when buying from an auction.

With a dealer you can check that the dealer has a returns policy, a fixed address and contact details. Most bona fide dealers will go to great pains to assure you of their long term commitment to the business and to their customers. You can find many online and it is a good idea to build up a relationship with a particular dealer so you can buy and sell coins with them.

With auctions one needs to take a bit more care and do more due diligence. EBay have established the feedback system and with a power seller who has 99 percent or more feedback you can be fairly safe they are in for the duration as much as any other dealer. There are other auctions and you would be wise to check up and find out more about them before you start spending big dollars.

As boring at it might sound, it is always a wise move to read the terms of service and know what the auction, or dealer for that matter, is willing to do or be responsible for before committing any funds.

Perhaps write or email the dealer or auction and see how long it takes to get back to you with a response and what that response is!

Check out the forums that often are advertised on the dealer or auction web sites. Find out what other people say. Most people are quick to complain if there is an issue.

There are coin clubs one can belong to and get advice and talk to others who have similar interests. It is amazing what you can find out about the US Silver Dollar Eagle! The more you know the more you are likely to enjoy collecting US Silver Dollar Eagles. In fact, just by using a bit of common sense and some due diligence, understanding the market can be very satisfying and rewarding when it comes to buying and owning US Silver Dollar Eagles.

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