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US Silver Dollar Eagle – Part 2

This is Part two of a 3 part series on the US Silver Dollar Eagle.

The US Silver Eagle was first struck and release by the US Mint in 1986. It has a face value of one dollar and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It is the official silver bullion coin of the US and was first released by the US Mint in 1986. The American Silver Eagle coin is backed by the US government for content and weight. It may also be used as funding for an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) investment.

For collectors there are also proof versions of the coin produced also.

The design on the obverse was originally taken or borrowed from the "Walking Liberty" design first introduced by Adolph A. Weinman and used on the half dollar design around 1916 to 1947. This design was most likely chosen due to its popularity with the public. The reverse contains a heraldic eagle designed by John Mercanti, hence the name.

US silver dollar coins were originally minted between 1792 and 1964. These silver coins ranged in size from the small three cent silver or half dimes to the Trade and Morgan Silver dollars.

In fact, over the next 122 or so years many different types of silver coins have been produced including the silver half dollars.

In 1916 the Liberty Walking silver half dollar was introduced and was minted in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The Liberty Walking half-dollars are not full silver coins but composed of 90% silver and 10% copper and each coin contains only 0.36169 ounces of pure silver. Nevertheless these coins are also very popular possibly because they are that less expensive and easier to collect and accumulate over time.

The complete list of silver coins, their types and denominations are as follows:

Silver Dollars
Flowing Hair Silver Dollars (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Silver Dollar (1795-1804)
Seated Liberty Silver Dollars (1840-1873)
Trade Silver Dollars (1873-1885)
Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1904 & 1921)
Peace Silver Dollars (1921-1935)

Silver Half Dollars
Flowing Hair Silver Half Dollars (1794-1795)
Draped Bust Silver Half Dollars (1796-1797, 1801-1807)
Capped Bust Silver Half Dollars (1807-1836)
Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollars (1839-1891)
Barber Silver Half Dollars (1892-1915)
Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars (1916-1947)
Franklin Silver Half Dollars (1948-1963)

End of US Silver Dollar Eagle – Part 2

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