Friday, June 16, 2006

Silver Coin Worth

What is a silver coin worth? These days the value of a pure silver coin is increasing so whatever it was worth last week, it will be different and perhaps better next week.

The overall trend of pure silver has been on an uptrend for some months and actually doing better proportionally to gold.

Silver coins are an excellent way to save assets as well as the coins, such as Canadian Maples, Silver Dollars for example, all having a beauty all their own.

When you are buying silver coins it is a good idea to seek out proof coins or at least brilliant uncirculated as they are worth much more. The condition of the coin is very important to collectors and indeed dealer as well. You would never remove a coin from its transparent bubble or packaging as even a fingerprint can remove the pristine condition of a coin and give it ‘hairlines’ as they are known. This reduces the value of a coin drastically.

One can buy what is known as junk silver which are early silver coins, early silver dollars and half dollars from some years ago. Dealers will sell these in bags at something over the current value of silver. It is an excellent way to store assets as the silver content is usually around 90 percent of the coin and the condition is not so important. As the value of silver rises, or in some peoples eyes as the value of the dollar goes down and it takes more of them to buy the same quantity of silver, then the value of your coins increases.

Silver is somewhat of a long term investment so do not expect to buy a coin one day and have it jump in value the next. However, if the value of the dollar drops considerably, you will still have your silver and that is very unlikely to drop in value!

A silver coin's worth then is something to keep an eye on with a view to improving your assets.

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