Saturday, June 03, 2006

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled it’s new State-of-the-Art Silver Refinery.

The Mint, well known for it’s established gold refinery is now offering in-house silver refinery services.

"The Royal Canadian Mint is proud of its international reputation as the gold standard in refinery and assay services," said Marguerite F. Nadeau, Q.C., Acting President and C.E.O. of the Royal Canadian Mint. "Our new, ultra-modern silver refinery further establishes the Mint as an industry leader."

This additional service will enable the Mint to extend its services across a wider range of products and materials to meet the customers desires.

The silver refinery will use a novel and unique process resulting in more cost effectiveness and almost zero waste giving it a yearly capacity of two to ten million troy ounces per year.

The mint is also designed to meet the stringent standard that the Royal Canadian Mint has been so well known for in its gold refinery and gold products. This was done by commissioning PRIOR, a Swiss based company that specializes in precious metal refining technology, to install the unique refinery and enable the Royal Canadian Mint to refine it’s own silver rather than buy from outside. This will give some long term savings and considerably reduce costs.

Without its own silver refinery for the last 12 years, the RCM was a significant buyer of refined silver in order to produce its world-renowned collector coins and other products. Now, by producing refined silver itself, the RCM will generate important, long-term cost savings.

The new silver refinery will also meets the Mint's most exacting standards and requirements in terms of a highly efficient, low maintenance, and environmentally-friendly silver refining process.

For more information on the RCM, its products and services, visit Royal Canadian Mint

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