Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fighting Ships of World War II 1oz Silver Five-Coin Set

The Perth Mint is about to launch a superb collector Set portraying five historic World War II fighting ships etched in naval folklore as a result of their powerful symbolism, epic encounters and courageous crews.

The five ships portrayed are:

USSR Sevastopol
Built for the Imperial Russian Navy, the dreadnought Sevastopol (aka Paris Commune) supported the Red Army during Hitler's disastrous war on the Eastern Front, bombarding German forces on the Crimean Peninsula with savage effect.

HMS Hood
Proud of her as the ultimate symbol of their naval strength during the inter-war years, the British were deeply shocked when the ‘Mighty’ Hood was sunk by the Bismarck in the Denmark Strait on 24 May 1941.

Churchill issued his famous command to sink the Bismarck just days after she broke out into the Atlantic in May 1941. The largest battleship in Germany's Kriegsmarine fought valiantly until she was sunk on 27 May.

IJN Yamato
The largest, heaviest battleship ever constructed and the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Yamato succumbed to repeated bomb and torpedo hits from US aircraft while on the way to defend Okinawa in April 1945.

USS Missouri
The United States' last battleship hosted one of the most famous moments of World War II when Japanese officials came aboard on 2 September 1945 to sign the document of unconditional surrender, thereby ending the War.

Each 2007-dated coin, which bears Raphael Maklouf's effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse, will be issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu.

The set is attractively presented in a unique screen printed presentation case and protective box shipper. (Disclaimer: The colour of the presentation packaging may vary slightly as a result of the screen-printing process employed.)

The Set will be accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity containing detailed information about each ship, including launch date, dimensions, and main guns.

Note that there will be an extremely limited number of sets struck with no more than 1,500 of these Five-Coin Sets released..

Coin specifications.
Historic World War II Battleships
Proof Quality 99.9% Pure Silver
Coloured Reverse Designs
Issued as Legal Tender
Presentation Packaging
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Extremely Limited Release Only 1,500 sets will be available.

This fantastic Fighting Ships of World War II 1oz Silver Five-Coin Set will be available from the 7. June 2007 so it will be a case of first come first served!

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