Monday, September 18, 2006

Bulk Silver Coin

Bulk silver coin is a very good way to preserve some assets.

The coins are not expensive, tend to hold their own in value and are easy to store and, importantly, resell again later.

Bulk silver coins can be purchased in rolls or bags even up to about 10 kilos. These coins are generally early silver dollars or small denominations and actually contain a quality of silver, hence the point of collecting them. Usually you can find that a 10 kilo bag of silver coins will give you a minimum of 5 kilos of actual silver. Sometimes a bit more.

There are many places you can search to find bulk silver coins, through the internet, auctions or even your own dealers in town.

If that is too much you can start off with small rounds, a collection of perhaps 50 or 100 coins in a package similar to that you seem being broke open at supermarkets when the cashier wants change.

These are a little cheaper and can give a great start or can be purchased on a regular basis to build up your worth in silver.

In today's uncertain economic times many people find that collecting precious metals such as silver, gold etc, is a good offset against inflation and recession. The value of the precious metals retains its value even when the paper currency fluctuates wildly and drops in purchasing power.

An ounce of silver or gold will continue to purchase the same value of goods it always had while paper currency becomes more and more worthless and it takes more of it to buy the same good.

It can be a good idea to spread one's assets around and put some into precious metals. Gold silver, coins and bars are a good long term future investment. And bulk silver coins are a good way to keep a portion of one's assets this way.

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